We organize two summer camps, a basic level and an advanced level. Everyone is required to take the basic level course attended in a prior or current year to enter the advanced level. Students new to the camp have an option to enroll in both levels in the same year.

Basic level-1 camp

Did you know that there are millions of DNA building blocks that encode for thousands of genes in the genome of all living organisms? How can scientists possibly study these vast stretches of DNA and genes to find genetic variation, gene function and their responses to signals from the environment? Scientists use biology experiments in a laboratory and perform queries and analyses on computers! This summer we invite you to come and explore the world of modern biology and learn how to examine the complexities of DNA. Through model-building, laboratory experiments and computer analyses – participants will gain basic understanding of biology, genetics, biotechnology and bioinformatics. Students will also learn some basic software programming tricks in the class. No prior programming skills required.

Advanced level-2 camp

After you have completed the DNA Biology and Bioinformatics Camp (Basic), come and enjoy this advanced camp, where you will continue to explore the world of modern biology and learn how to examine the complexities of DNA. You will participate in hands-on activities involving advanced genomics and bioinformatics tools, identify animal cancer cells from healthy cells, characterize bacterial strains, and perform bioinformatics analyses of assembling and annotating the sequenced bacterial genomes that the students will characterize.  You will also learn basic software programming tricks. No prior programming skills required.