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2017 Summer Camp Registration is NOW OPEN for 8-12th Grade Students and Teachers

Week-1 (Basic camp): August 7-11 * 9AM-NOON * $145 *
Week-2 (Advanced camp): August 14-18 * 9AM-NOON * $145 *

Scholarships are available.

Did you know that there are millions of DNA building blocks that encode for thousands of genes in the genome of all living organisms? How can scientists possibly study these vast stretches of DNA and genes to find genetic variation, gene function and their responses to signals from the environment? Scientists use biology experiments in a laboratory and perform queries and analyses on computers! Every summer we invite students from entering 8-12th Grade to come and explore the world of modern biology and learn how to examine the complexities of DNA. Through model-building, laboratory experiments and computer analyses – participants gain basic understanding of biology, genetics, biotechnology and bioinformatics. Students also learn some basic software programming tricks in the class. No prior programming skills required. Learn more about the camp activities here.